Children’s Ministry

Our church welcomes families with children and recognizes that young people are the future of the church. We believe we have an obligation to support parents in educating and forming their children. St. Joe’s provides a religious education program that is rooted in the gospel values of Jesus Christ. We work to teach our youngest members about what it means to be church – a welcoming community where we love and support each other.
We foster values such as compassion, understanding, and an obligation to work for social justice in our world. Religious education coincides with the academic school year.
To adjust to the Covid-19 circumstances, our religious education program will now be remote and at home. Guidance will be provided to caregivers on a weekly/monthly basis. We are excited to partner with our sister parish, St. Anthony of Padua ANCC in Virginia, with this new, exciting program. 
After enrolling, you may find lesson plans and guidance here.