Our Goal: $250/week in Increased Pledges

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Close the Debt

For quite some time, we have been operating on deficit spending at st. Joe’s. With our current savings, at this rate, our last mass will in May of 2019. We hope to turn this trend around! We are seeking 25 people to commit to increase their current giving by $10 per week (two fancy lattes at the coffee shop, a stop at the drive thru, impulse buying at the grocery store). Will you join us in this effort? Please let Fr. Matthew or our Treasurer Cheryl know how much you pledge to increase your weekly gift by. 
We appreciate the generosity of our donors. We have had a number of opportunities for people to give. Here we recognize some of those contributions.
hymnal drive
Bob and Darlene BAILEY (5)
Joe and Kortney BALSAMO
Sue and Tom CENTONE
Bob and Mary FITZGERALD (4)
Adrienne KANACH (2)
Joseph MIATA
Barbara O’Brien (3)
Sue and Tom PALUMBO
Gina and Vito PARISI
Diane RUBEO (2)
Mary. J. SMITH (2)
Laurie and Jim TIMMONS (3)
Carolyn WALSH